Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Chilli Prawn Noodle Salad

I've been feeling a little stodgy lately. I'd gotten to the end of my food so I was all about the rice and the pasta. (I like the fact that I can never not have a home cooked meal. Posts later on Rice with Chickpea curry). But I got a nice ASDA shop this morning, and a lovely salad was born.

This salad works as warm or cold. Mine was somewhere in between, but it seemed to taste pretty good anyway. I went for a soy lime chilli dressing, but I think it'd be a really nice sesame ginger chilli combo too (I haven't gotten round to buying sesame oil yet, I'm doing it all slowly). So here's how I rolled this.  

ASDA Sharing bowl salad: a combo of shredded carrot, lettuce, red cabbage, a sliver or two of red pepper and some sweetcorn. Fairly okay.

Sharwoods Fine Noodles: I used about a third or half a nest. Boiled and drained. I don't like the idea of straight to wok noodles, it freaks me out.

Prawns: A handful. I went for cooked and peeled ones, nothing too fancy. If I was getting a little posh, I'd go for raw king prawns and griddle them (as I type, I am googling the cheapest place to buy a George Foreman. I really want one). Maybe marinade them beforehand in chilli lime juice. (This is getting TOO fancy for a salad, I think).

Green beans: trimmed, blanched and drained.

Peas: Frozen, boiled. They provide a bit of sweetness to go with the prawns.

Chuck in a bowl, drizzle with soy sauce, lime juice and chopped chilli. Then chow down. 

My apologies for the awful picture, it was the webcam. 

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