Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Revisions on Moroccan

Hello. Sorry it's been a while. Here are a few revisions I decided to make on the Couscous Recipe

First of all, I made it, and it was bloody good. I was ridiculously proud of myself. 

1. The courgette wants to be sliced thickly and cut into quarters. It means you've got a larger surface area for roasting, which gives more flavour. We Like Flavour.

2. Thyme. Adding thyme just makes it brilliant, and it goes really well with a recipe for mini Kofte Kebabs I'm going to put up. Add woody thyme to the stock whilst it's simmering (chuck a bayleaf in there for flavour too - it gives great depth to any dish). For the younger, less woody thyme, just chop it up and mix it through before the lemon juice.

3. The spice mix needs more than a little bit of water. I'd say about 75ml or so. It sounds like a lot, but lets be honest, it'll all be absorbed by the couscous anyway. 

4. Roast the vegetables first. Really simple. Chop into bitesized chunks, give them a quick toss in olive oil, season well, and whack in a high oven (220-250C) for about 25 minutes, or until they start going 'Cajun' (brown).

5. Lemon juice. That's best added last, it gives a fresher flavour. 

6. The mint. I forgot to mention it last time. Whack it through the dish at the end, with the thyme (if you're using the younger stuff) or just before serving.