Saturday, 6 November 2010

The World of Premade Pastes.

When it comes to pre-made sauces and pastes, I am a massive skeptic. I never quite understood why someone would buy (the indian variety) of curry paste in a jar, when it takes little to no effort to do it at home.

But then I fancied my First Ever Thai Green Curry, and I don't have a blender/food processor/pestle and mortar combo at uni (I aim to change that with the remnants of my M&S voucher). But then I found my favourite aisle in Sainsburys, and decided this would be a good idea. Sainsbury's Thai Green Curry Paste.  So I had a quick look at a few online recipes, and the one on the back of the jar, and here is the conclusion. 

It's not too shabby. It's a quiet sort of spicy, I use more than the jar says and a few extra chillies to bring it up to scratch, but it's not actually too shabby. Seems to have all the main flavours, not too big on the colour, but a bit of extra coriander sorts that out. And from what I gather so far, it goes well with prawns, vegetables and chicken. And I think I may start stock buying this in for when I can't really be bothered to cook. 

But this does mean I am now looking for interesting recipes with coconut milk. When eating for one a whole jar is just far too much.